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...Of Thoughts and Pressies... [Wednesday
Jul 23rd, 2008 at 6:20pm ]
[ mood | hungry ]

This has become a habit...updating once every 4 months...it amazes me how some people can update everyday!!...maybe it's just me..i'm not so much of a writer or rather one who spills my thoughts to the world so easily...oh well...so anyway, the collage below sums up pretty much what I have been up with for the past 4 months...

March. Went to Krabi for my yearly pilgrimage with Vic and Mich. Love the place, the people, the FOOD!!..i think i can retire there, land's cheap..transport's cheap..people are lovely..place's lovely..went island hoping on the super fast speed boats..the islands were beautiful..water's crystal clear..i canoed from island to island alone as well and nearly got sea sick due to the choppy waters...not a very good idea to go alone, kids don't try this without parental supervision!!

April to June. These few months past pretty quickly. I was overwhelmed with work and had to stay back in school pretty much almost every other day. I spent more time at my work place rather than home. It was competition season for the netballers and training was really intensive. Girls did well and clinched 1st and 2nd position in the ITESC games. Very proud of them..it was a wonderful pre-departure gift.

June. Went to KL for overseas sports exchange program with the netballers. One word to describe the experience. Bitter sweet. Why bitter? The arrangment with the tour guides there was terrible. Was promised 2 games with the local colleges there and indeed we did have 2 games. BUT...our first team didn't even have a team!!...we had to play amongst ourselves when we were there. We played on those granite floor..and the netball poles had to be 'rooted' to the ground by placing big stones on them...how nice..kampong style of netball. 2nd match...even more kampong!! we played on grass court...in the rain!!!!...imagine doing a bounce pass!!...yup, it doesn't really work!!...it was good experience for the girls though...interesting one I must add. So back to the bitter sweet...why sweet? I guess it was this trip that really bonded the team very closely. It was quite heart warming to see how closely knitted the team became and how they looked out for each other. =)

July. My last days at my work place. Had so much mixed feelings when the last day drew nearer. I kept myself busy the whole week by staggering my packing, trying to forget the fact that I was going to leave the place. It's a decision i do not regret but i sure miss my colleagues and students..they are the 2 things that keeps me sane over there! Both my CCA groups gave me separate farewell gifts..the climbers baked a huge chocolate cake for me which says "Ice Climbers love Ms Pam!" and it's super yummy and sinful i must say!!..they also made me this huge card that has past photos of them and myself with all their farewell thoughts...I miss them...they are the first batch of CCA students that I had to handle...this bunch of rascals...it's quite hard to hate them despite the fact they are always up to no good and getting themselves into trouble...but it's their cheekiness that really brightens up ur day and hides all the nonsense they throw at you. The netballers gave me a farewell gift/party...and no better place to do it then at my new working place...how "thoughtful" of them!...they gave me a whole set of Jenga tiles which writes "Thank you for all the guidance you've given us. We love you Ms Pam!"...my time with the girls was pretty short..only took over the club this year...but it felt so much longer...i think i am more like a friend to them then their teacher...I have been really bless by each and everyone of them..getting to know them individually and how they have opened up to me is something I couldn't thank God enough......=')

Next chapter in life is a new journey that I am excited but yet a little nervous to embark...so till the next 4 months (or maybe lesser)...adios!
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...After A Long While... [Saturday
Mar 8th, 2008 at 11:48am ]
[ mood | tired ]

After months and many complains, here I am attempting to update. Much have happened and I don't really know how to put everything together. Some good some bad, some highly charged with crazy emotions.


- Tua yi's suddent departure was one that no one expected. It was a great lost but yet at the same thing it brought the family much closer.

- While we lost one, we were blessed with another one. =)

- Sis bought (sort of) me a bike after striking a deal with her. =))


- No big new year celebration, no one was really in the mood.

- School started and have been busy since then.

- Additional new portfolio to work, almost had no life then!


- Can't really remember what happened during that period except for CNY which wasn't very significant either. Was too tired to be in the celebrative mood.


The Gir's Sports Day (SPORTS ON) event that the female colleagues in my department have been planning for like forever just concluded yesterday. In my opinion, it was a success! From the competition sport to the dance competition to the carnival games, it was great! I guess the biggest accomplishment was seeing female student who hardly go for PE lesson participate in the various sporting activities. It makes all the 2-hours of sleep, packing of 300 goodie bags, transporting of stuff, disagreements with bosses, sleeping in the office all worth while!

Can't think now, brain's really tired. Till the next time...

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